Caring Pizzas


Saturday. This is the day I like the most to be in the Office. I can do anything in the office that I cant do on weekdays…. be it surfing sites that 22 year olds usually surf , or singing aloud as if you are broadcasted live on FM, or playing TT against the wall, and of course work! Today I came in and logged on to the net. The net connection seemed slow. I shrugged. In the meantime, I heard our IS guy talking about a screwed up router to a stranger who wore a CISCO badge. I knew! Damm. One of my favorite schedules went for a toss! Disappointed, I hooked on to my current pastime, the Godfather!

Hours flew by.My biological clock had triggered the alarm which woke my stomach from its deep slumber. I thought I could have some Pizzas. I called up our security and told him to connect to some Pizza vendor. He said “Yes Sir,” and in a while I could hear the phone ringing. It rang and rang and rang. Did the security connect me to any haunted bhooth bungalow? I turned around. I office was deserted and for a while I thought my thoughts had come true? I called up the security again and said “Boss, nobody’s picking up the phone!”. He said-“Yes Sir.” What??!! “Connect me to some other Inn,”, I said impatiently as my stomach was threatening to stack up all the air around it. He told-“Yes Sir” and connected me to another phone which rang even longer. “Nobody’s there!,” I yelled at the Security. He was confused and babbled-” Yes Sir! Not Connecting ,Sir? No Sir. Number not connecting Sir. Yes Sir.” I hung up. Pale faced, I logged on to the net which had sprung to life all of a sudden ( it knew my plight i guess) and got the numbers of Pizza Corner and Pizza Hut myself.

I dialed Pizza Corner first. A young lady spoke on the other side-“Hello Pizza Corner Sir,”. I started -“I’m calling from Banjara Hills and I wanted..” . She interrupted me in between.” You are calling from Analog Devices, SriNilaya Cyber Spazio, Road No…. .” What the hell! How come she knew where I was calling from so precisely. She was uttering a few more details when I hung up the phone. I would not order Pizza from people who know all my details even without me speaking a word to them in my whole life. Total intrusion of privacy, I thought. I reconciled. I called up Pizza Hut. “Hello Good Afternoon Sir. This is Pizza Hut. Takeaway or Delivery Sir?” It sounded Greek to me. “What Takeaway? What Delivery?” I protested. To this he replied-“Takeaway or Delivery Sir?”. I wondered whether he was deaf or I was dumb! I told in plain English-“Brother, I’m calling from Banjara Hills and I want Pizzas here“. His reply totally stunned me-“Yes Sir. You are Pavan from Analog Devices, Banjara Hills and your personal mobile number is 9985249572 and you want Garlic Pizzas, Chicken Barb…”. Even Pizza Hut knows in and out of me,eh? I was so annoyed with the fact that my personal details are out in the open, I was tempted to ask-“Brother, can you please tell me my date of birth? I forgot!”. Then some sense prevailed over me. ALL PIZZA INNS KNOW ALL S/W EMPLOYEES OF THE CITY.

I ate the Pizzas which i had ordered against my will. While I was gobbling up the Pizzas to soothe my angry stomach, I recollected all that happened till now. Now they seemed so funny! Pizza Centers are more caring and sincere and take care of people than the Govt offices or even the Govt Hospitals, I joked to myself.I was laughing to myself when my friends came to the office to play TT….


3 thoughts on “Caring Pizzas

  1. Hey man! You didn’t give me the link to your blog! I called up Pizza Hut and they did! 😛

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