Chess! Chess! Chess!


Vishwanathan Anand’s recent victory over Russia’s Vladmir Kramnik in the World Championships and his subsequent re-crowning as WORLD CHAMPION has rekindled the fire within. A fire, a zeal to do something in the game that we so ardently followed and pursed in our college days.

It came as a double treat when I read that MS Thej Kumar ( very few people know him today, but a lot many would know him in the near future ), our beloved friend, has achieved 3 Grand Master (GM) norms and a FIDE rating of 2441and is just 60 rating points away from becoming the FIRST GM FROM KARNATAKA. Mind you, becoming a GM or even getting GM norms is no child’s play! Only few would really realize the worth of it, for only a few know of his struggle and the way to the success he has achieved. He literally sacrificed everything in order to pursue Chess. And he’s the most humble guy I’ve ever seen. As the saying goes -“tuMbida koDa tuLukuvudilla”

So here I am,writing this blog for all those Chess lovers out there, providing you with exciting links and resources on the web about Chess. Recently i stumbled upon Susan Polgar’s, one of the finest women Chess players ever, blog Her blog is so extensive that you can find thousands and thousands of posts. Topics range from diligent Chess puzzles to updates on the latest events to instructive Chess tactics. Its as if she has managed to squeeze in the entire Chess world  into one blog! And her official site too, is cool It too is quite huge.

OK. So you wanna play Chess online from your cubicle zipping through all those nasty firewalls that are in place? a decent solution though it is trapped by monstrous firewalls. Chess at too is cool but is blocked in many offices.

And if you feel you are a bad player with the clock on, here’s an instructive article that tells you how to manage your time

Have you been wondering what is this FIDE rating all about? And whats the complicated math involved behind its calculation? Though not in polished English, here’s a site that will try to explain the ELO/FIDE rating in lucid terms-

Pumped up? Want to try your hands at one of the tournaments going on in your backyard? Here’s the official site of the Indian Chess Federation where you have the tournament calender to guide you through. As many rated events take place in Tamil Nadu, its not a bad idea to keep track of the Chennai Chess Fed site For the International folks, the only site that’s crossing my mind at the moment. But you can track your own FIDE ratings ( if you have one 🙂 ) and other heavyweights regularly.

For Karnataka fans here’s a blog that keeps track of the events and karnataka players And might be the official Chess site of Karnataka.

Want to know the latest and hottest happenings in Chess? Here’s the site for you which captures the latest events in an eloquent manner This is the very site which boasts of ( and rightly so! ) coming up with the most powerful Chess softwares which have locked horns with the likes of kasparov,  Anand, kramnik etc. Though these softwares come at a dear price, they can enhance your Chess to a great extent. These softwares are designed for as much for GMs as for amateurs. My favorite Chess engines are Fritz, Hiarcs etc. They even talk to you as though they are human! OK, you dont have enough bucks in your pocket right know to afford these hi-fi gizmos? Want something similar thats free? GNU’s the answer! GNU have come up with a very similar software ( of course with minimalistic features ) at . Try it. Its fun!

And, do you want to lock horns with the best of the best in Chess? Or you are a decent player and want to become professional? is the answer! Just download the “free” client software that runs free for 30 days and there you are to challenge the best! After 30 days you need to buy a serial for one year which has a price tag of around $30. Or you can buy one of thier best softwares Fritz11 and get one year subscription free for $50( You can continue playing for free without  shelling out a penny but you need to change your identity every 30 days to do that. If you are a casual player, this could be a good choice! ) Here you can even find IMs and GMs playing which is a rarity on any other site. But they’ll surely not play against you untill you’ve proved your mettle there by getting a decent rating 🙂

And a few sites here and there are, an online Chess newspaper, which has nice graphics to play with but I’ve never been able to open the site because of some firewall.

OK. I think I’ve served you enough to quench your thirst in Chess! Do come back for more! Keep playing one of the best mind games of all times!

Chess! Chess! Chess!


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