Life is a game of Chess


As an ardent fan of Chess, I sometimes think as to how life imitates Chess ( or the rather the other way round ) Chess, beautifully describes our struggle through life, the ways that lead to success. The glossary of chess terms can easily be re-labeled as “Ways of Life”.Here I’ve intended to convey this meaning through a small verse.

In India, even a layman knows Chess but only a few pursue it. Many of them might be unaware of a few terms used here. Here are their simple meanings. You need not understand them thoroughly. Its enough if you just get the outer meaning.

Open File – A column on the Chessboard where there are no enemy pieces and you can forge ahead.

Back Rank Mate – A checkmate delivered to the King by a rook/Queen who is stuck with his own pawns on the first/last row.

Blitz – A faster version of Chess.

Queening – A pawn promoting to a queen if it reaches the last rank in its column.

Opening, Middlegame, Endgame – The three stages in the game of Chess.

Sacrifice– A way in Chess where one’s own material is sacrificed in order to achieve some motive.



2 thoughts on “Life is a game of Chess

  1. It’s beautiful man 🙂 But in Chess, the player moves the pieces, according to his whims & wishes. Is that player a Guiding Caring Angel or Fate or just a novice playing against V. Anand !? 🙂

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