Romance in the Sky!


It was the most awaited release of the year. Love fanatics round the globe, with their bated breath, were glued to the sky. Ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the biggest triangular love tale being enacted by the superstars of the night sky-the ever Romantic moon, the petite Venus with her feminine grace (after all, as John Gray says Women are from Venus ) and the all powerful, brawny and muscular Jupiter. Yes, we are talking about the astronomical spectacle that occurred on December 1st. The conjunction of the Moon, the Venus and the Jupiter. It was one of those rare events which captured the imagination of millions around the earth.

It all started with our burly “Uncle Vernon” Juppy( Planet Jupiter ) doting our lady Veeny ( Planet Venus ) while she was on her way to a sight seeing trip to the earth. Hardly did she know that her secret evergreen lover Moony ( Our Moon ) was waiting for this day through ages! On the way, our Veeny couldn’t stop her eyes falling on the huge frame of our Juppy who had made it all the way from his far away orbit to win the love of the most beautiful lady of the city, Solar.

Juppy had come fully prepared. He was the not the one to miss out on this once in a thousand years opportunity! He had cleaned up his cratered face ( which was the result of waging violent wars with the meteorites ) with “steam and heat” treatment clinic run by Don Sunny ( our Sun ). He had sprayed tons of costly perfumes of Hydrogen and Helium in order to seduce his lady love. He even went to the extent of hiring our Hubbly ( Hubble Telescope which is circling round the earth ) to film his proposal to Veeny so that he could flaunt that with his “friends” (they were fierce competitors of our Juppy to be true!) Neppy ( Planet Neptune ) and Urry (Planet Uranus ).

Veeny was of course, a tender and a timid lady. She always longed for a man who could fill the well of love dug deeply inside her heart with his macho instincts. She wanted someone who could stand by her side and say “Away from my lady’s sight, you bugger! Else you’ll have your eyes scooped out!!” when the rogues like meety(Meteorites) and commy (Comets ) harassed her. And here was a man, who took the flesh out of notorious thugs and ruffians like Halley ( Halley’s comet ) and Shooey ( the comet Shoemaker levy-9 ) and thought them a lesson to remember. (Halley never ever troubled anyone in Solar city from then on and has taken refuge in a non-colliding path around Don Sunny ). Veeny couldn’t resist but fall for the “Great Leo of the City” Juppy.

It was at this emotionally draining situation that Moony came to the scene. He was filled with joyful excitement to see his love. A love, which gave him some succour during his lonely wanderings. In fact, it was this mad love for Veeny that had held him back from falling in love with his elegant and beautiful colleague Earrthy ( Our Planet Earth). He had come dressed in his simple plain white attire with a radiant smile on his face. It was almost like a D-day for him. He rushed as he couldn’t suppress those 3 sweet words in his heart anymore…

But all his excitement faded into oblivion when he saw Veeny’s gaze firmly fixed on Juppy. Moony was no dumb guy. He could clearly see Juppy weaning Veeny his way. Veeny’s expression did nothing but to confirm Moony’s worst fears. He felt a throbbing in his head. He felt as though someone had pierced a dagger into his already fainted heart! It seemed as though all the stars were giggling within themselves looking at Moony’s plight. His face shrunk into a crescent with disappointment! No doubt, it was a heart wrenching scene …..

It was at this moment people on the earth saw the conjunction of the three. What an irony! We thought we were looking at a smiley! Alas, it was a totally different story out there…!

Minutes seemed like agonising years for Moony. He now saw the unbearable sight of Veeny cuddling in Juppy’s broad arms! He just mumbled “I…. I….” when Juppy growled “Who are you??!!” Those “I’s”, Moony had preserved to spell his love out to Veeny. Now, they were serving some other purpose. “ Eh..I am Moony… Earrthy’s friend and collegue. She’s tied up in some work. She just told me to convey her regards to Veeny. “That’s soooo nice” said Veeny of her old chum Earrthy!

Everything seemed still until Juppy’s daughter Ganny (Jupiter’s natural satellite Ganymede ) came running to her father, gasping for breath, and blurted-“ Pops! Pops! Ivvy ( Galilean satellite Io ) and Euppy ( Galilean satellite Europe ) are fighting like hell. And mom too has gone out! Come soon!!” And she scurried back and disappeared behind the asteroid belts on the way back home.

Doubt is a woman’s most nurtured natural instinct”. Veeny helped herself out of Juppy’s arms. Juppy instinctively knew that Veeny had grown suspicious about him. He couldn’t find any reasonable defence. “She’s… eh… She’s my neighbor’s Urry’s daughter. Ah.. eh.. She’s so fond of me that she calls me dad! I cannot say no to the innocent kid, you see. And the other kids…ehh are… Neppy’s!! Eh…” Juppy said with no conviction in his voice. His trembling tone conveyed everything and Veeny’s lady’s instinct told her that something was wrong. Her face turned pale and she further moved away from Juppy. She was almost in tears…

Apart from the stars witnessing this tragic romantic drama, was Don Sunny, the most feared and by far the most powerful man in Solar city.Even Juppy was one of Don’s men before he broke up with him. No one could dare to talk against Don’s words in the Solar city. But Don Sunny, though feared by all, was a just man! “Do good and the good shall come to you!” were his watch words. He hated dishonest people and that was one of the reasons he had driven away Juppy, though he was one of his trusted men. In any matters of dispute in Solar city, the Don’s decision always prevailed!!

Don Sunny couldn’t bear to see the injustice happening around him. Just when Juppy was trying to convince Veeny with his smothered words, Don Sunny vociferated at Juppy – “Stop! Stop there! You are a man of the lowest order. You have a houseful of kids (Jupiter has around 63 moons) and I don’t know how many wives, and you come here to cheat this innocent lady!! Take your hands of her now or I shall have them chopped off with the Guillotine!” His words sent a chill down Juppy’s spine! His voice sounded like death…..

Veeny had burst into tears and Juppy was trembling nervously. Moony couldn’t see his love cry. He still had the same love for her. “I wonder what these women fall for! A man should be valued for his dignity, demeanor and virtue and not his muscle! Because eyes can’t see but hearts can!!” the Don thundered. Seeing Veeny sob unstoppably, Don Sunny mellowed down his voice. “See this man,” he said pointing towards Moony. “ I’ve seen him lost in your thoughts for eons! He never saw any other lady apart from you! Even Earrthy! He might seem fragile but is as strong as a Lion at heart. Betrayal is one thing he cant even think of even in his wildest of the dreams. Cant you see the river of your love flooding through his heart?”

“He’s the one for you!” the Don pronounced!

Juppy, fearing the Don’s wrath, went back. Veeny, by now,had somehow managed to control herself. Her face had swollen. And her eyes had turned blood red. Without even glancing at anybody she left the scene. Moony’s eyes followed Veeny’s trail….

A few months later…

It was a bright sunny morning in the city of Betelgeuse. The cold winds blew calmly and steadily. It was a romantic morning one could say. Veeny was buttering the bread for the morning breakfast. “Your boyfriend Juppy had come to ask sorry yesterday” Moony quipped, looking into Veeny’s eyes naughtily. “Its Ok. I’ll pardon him but not today. The first day of our Veeneymoon!( This is how the word honeymoon came into existence)” Veeny retorted! . “Look Moony, here are the photos of that day. Look at your frowning cresented face!” Veeny poked at Moony showing him the snaps sent by hubbly. ” That frowning crescent has turned into a smiling smiley after I got you sweetheart!” Moony said and took Veeny into his arms and he gave a warm hug.  Both of them smiled and then, kissed each other…

And that was the beginning of their romantic journey which went on to became one of the most memorable and famed love stories the Universe had ever seenor heard of!!

Ladies and gentlemen! Do post your comments and reviews! I’ll convey your message to Veeny and Moony!

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9 thoughts on “Romance in the Sky!

  1. Oho… wow dude…, That was so romantic… I am thinking how to even praise this one…..
    Its awesome,superb Pavan, u can really become a true writer…….. 3 Things I must say here are-
    * “Out of the Earth” imagination…
    * The way mooney’s face turned from tears to smiley,and the whole sky as a smiley…
    * The concept of “veeneymoon”
    and the last and major point…..
    ***** The way women get impressed by a man initially for his strength,style or other things without really understanding the real heart which loves her more than anyone.The way this message is brought out is fabulous..

    ” Let Mooney and Veeny live happily ever after”

  2. Wow that was some imagination. I really appreciate your patience to go into such details and translate them as characters of your imagination. Very creative indeed! kudos kano tumbane chennagide!

  3. Awesome and marvelous piece of writing…Actually I have to find some very good words to praise…These are infact very small words of praise for ur astonishing creativity.

  4. Eee ond dina naanu yen helalikke ishta padthini andre.. Nam kannada jana kevala dabba da horagade yochane (out of box thinking) maadlikke mathra seemithavagilla.. Kannada janathe bhoomi annu daati neela aakashada horage yochane maadthiddare antha helkalake emme padthini… Idanna ithichege nam ISRO davaru kooda thorisidru..

    Jai Karnataka maathe, vande mataram, tippu sultan..

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