Rajinikanth fails to get ticket for his own movie Enthiran;gets injured in the melee

In an irony of sorts, superstar Rajinikanth failed to get a ticket for his own mega budget movie Enthiran(the Robot) and also injured himself in the mad rush for tickets at one of the Chennai’s famous theatres, the Satyam theatre. Even after being pulled, dragged and bruised by his own crazy fans, Rajini, keeping up to his screen image, dint give up and tried to sneak into the line but was forcibly pushed out by a youngster who also shouted at him–“ Hello Uncle, you want to watch a Rajini movie on first day at this age? Go home and take rest! You can watch it next year!”. “This is the problem with too much make up on screen” Rajini rued later “They don’t recognize me at all”. A disappointed Rajini, in no mood to spoil his evening, went to a nearby theatre which was empty and was apparently running a Vijay movie. Sources say that the actual serious injury to Thalaiva happened here. Rajini fainted and fell on the ground after seeing a scene where Vijay reaches America by “staying afloat in the air in Chennai for 12 hours and waiting for the earth to rotate ahead by 12 hours and then land safely in America” !! As the news reached Vijay, he seemed very much concerned, “Thalaiva shouldn’t have attempted this dare devil act of watching my movies. In fact I myself don’t watch them. And our Rajini Sir is 60 years!”

When curious sources poked Rajini in the hospital as to why he went to watch his own movie, the Superstar explained his agony – “See, no one knows my pain. I myself don’t know the climax of Endhiran! I want to see it!”. Rajini continued to the stunned audience “ Shankar has shot the climax using the 2 robots he has created in the movie. He never allowed me to watch that scene. He kept saying “Thalaiva, patience, patience” I couldn’t withstand the suspense anymore and I went to watch it for myself”

Rajini, who generally appeals the masses for donating blood, donating for flood relief etc, is now appealing for tickets. “I sincerely urge the people of Tamil Nadu to please give me a ticket for Enthiran, to give me a chance at least!” But people had other plans. “I know our thalaiva’s pain. But I can’t give up my first day ticket!” Meanwhile people say that TN chief minister Mr.Karunanidhi had called up to wish Rajini a speedy recovery. Mr. Karunanidhi apparently dint know the reason for Rajini’s injury and had innocently asked – “Thalaiva, Enthiran tickets irukka. Naa kooda paapen? (Rajini, do you have Enthiran tickets, I too shall watch)” to which a furious Rajini delivered a punch dialogue which floored Mr.Karunanidhi completely, literally –“ kadavalukae chance kidaikalanaa… poojari eppadi ethirpaarka mudiyum( When God himself is not getting a chance, how can a poojari(priest) expect it!)

“I’ve lost hope of watching Enthiran in Chennai” a disappointed Rajini said “ I shall go to Mumbai and watch the Hindi version there, with Aishwarya”. When AR Rahaman, who has scored the music for Enthiran and is currently touring the world for his ‘Jai Ho: Come Home’ project, was inquired about the incident, he just said “Jai Ho” No one knows what he meant! Anyways “Jai Ho”

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Disclaimer: I’ve received a few comments very critical of the above blog. I like to reiterate that its just for fun and nothing is intended against anyone! I myself am a big fan of Rajinikanth! IN fact there’s hardly anyone in the South who is not a fan of the superstar! I would rather suggest to take this on a humor level rather than taking it personally and emotionally!


5 thoughts on “Rajinikanth fails to get ticket for his own movie Enthiran;gets injured in the melee

  1. Hope that Rajnikanth does not read this, because if he does you are gone! He ll fire a bullet which will come inside samsung and kill you!

  2. Hey , this is an awesome bluff story. Why can’t you concentrate on writing scripts for movie. Anyway all movies are fake ,you are an hot cake in this field.

  3. Hey wow!!!! this s awesome!!!! keep more of these comin lo!! Rajnikanth would have loved to read it 😛 😛

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