How to get back the missing unsubscribe option in facebook?

Is your friend bombarding you with tons of his SLR pics? Does your old classmate update every action of hers, like “I am having pasta, yummy!” and irritate you?(Irritation doubles when 100s of guys have liked such idiotic status messages)

You want to get rid of such nasty and annoying people but you don’t want to be so rude on them that you un-friend them. Unsubscribe them! So that none of their updates appears on your news feed!

I just wanted to do that on a few of my friends.  But alas, the unsubscribe option had suddenly gone missing. Is FB influenced by the latest friendship ad jo tera hain woh mera hain by Airtel? Oh God, save me the torture!


None of the posts on the net were helpful to get back the coveted Unsubscribe option back. But finally I stumbled upon it by chance.

Click the small drop down next to the post of the person/page you want to unsubscribe from as shown in the picture above. Now Click Hide. The following will appear when you do that.


Now, click on Change what updates you get from xyz. And there you go! The Unsubscribe option is back!


It makes my wonder why the hell FB has hidden this option deep down inside! But nevertheless we’ve found it and can now breathe easy and need not tolerate all the “Yippie! Goin to US next week!”, “Honeymoon pics (523 pics added)” kind of torture! 🙂


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