Are your Google Chrome extensions disappearing out of nowhere? Here’s a temporary fix!

Any new extensions I installed on Google Chrome seemed to vanish when I re-started Chrome. This was really bugging me as I use delicious bookmarking and Colorzilla extensions a lot. I searched the net like mad for solutions. I updated to the latest version of Chrome. 23.0.1271.97 (Official Build 171054) m as of this writing. It dint help. I created a new user profile as Google help suggested. It dint help.  I wrote to Google through their bug report feautre. Nothing worked out. Frustrated, I switched to Firefox but somehow the charm of Chrome made me give it a last shot. I posted this question on One guy answered my question. Ironically, the opposite of what he suggested worked for me. So here is the solution that worked for me. ( NOTE: This may not work for you. As browsers behave so differently across OSs, versions etc. I am using Windows 7 )

  • Go to Settings by typing chrome://settings in your URL bar
  • Under Sign In, select Sign in to Chrome.
  • Sign in with your Google Account Username and password.


  • A pop asking you to Confirm Sync Settings appears. Press OK, Sync Everything. Dont worry you can customize the items you want to sync to your Google account later. But make sure Extensions are checked and synced.


  • Now, go ahead and install new extensions from Chrome Webstore
  • Re-start Google Chrome. Close all instances of Chrome.
  • Wait for some time. As you can see, all your extensions get loaded over a short time period

The reason I guess the above method seems to be working is that Google is syncing my list of extensions on to its server and when I close Chrome, as before, the extensions are vanishing for some mysterious reasons. But when I re-launch Chrome, Chrome signs me in again with my Google account. Every time you sign into your Google Account from within Chrome, all your Chrome settings are re-applied and hence the extensions which were synced to the server before and popping up again!

Do post any other solutions that worked for you as comments so that it helps others for whom the above solution doesn’t work. Cos I’ve seen this problem floating around in forums for more than 3 years now.


8 thoughts on “Are your Google Chrome extensions disappearing out of nowhere? Here’s a temporary fix!

  1. I appreciate your solution, but what do I do if my setting panel went blank white???
    First Extension and now setting panel too, oww, how unfortunate of me, sob T_T

  2. Unfortunatly signing into google is no option for those, who don’t want to be tracked by google.

  3. agree, i dont sign into a google account.

    although today i noticed i was signed in with a live account ? i dont remember doing that. so i logged out, then i noticed some fucking cake in the corner on investigation somehow im running under an google chrome user account called ‘sweetness’ there was also one called ‘profile 1’ neither of which i created – so i immediately deleted them, chrome then closed automatically and when i reopened all my bookmarks gone wtf .

    i though this might finally solve the disappearing extensions at least , but knwo that is still fucked, extensions settings stay there so when i reinstall i have my config but its very annoying.

    Why cant they spend the time they used on that annoying cake shit to fix this severely hindering problem a

  4. Google is very arrogant/indifferent when it comes to addressing their user’s concerns. This issue is so well known that Google itself prompts even before you type in the whole problem description and still nothing has been done. There are many other problems with Google products which annoy millions of their customers but they hardly care. For instance, you cannot do a case sensitive search in Chrome! And Google rejected a feature request raised by the community citing that “not many people want case sensitive search”. Such a lame reason.

  5. Thank you,I got my one tabs back again,hate to see all that web searching come to nothing.

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