Archaeological Dept plans to turn Bangalore Metro into Historical Museum

Bangalore:  The Archaeological Dept of India has infused fresh life into Bangalore metro, when it made public its plans of transforming this “ancient monument” into a historical museum.  The head of the department announced this in a press meet ” See, with rapid urbanization in Bangalore, we were finding it hard to find any sites of pre-historic era. And then this idea struck us as a bolt of lightening- We have this Metro rail network, once built by our ancestors,  right in front of our eyes” He further expounded on the antiquity of the Metro Rails. “See, I was a small kid when people envisaged the idea of this metro. Now, my grand daughter is already in college and still nothing has happened to it. In fact, all the materials used in its construction are no longer in use today and people who once built it are long dead. The only activity I’ve noticed around the metro is motorists seeking shelter under it when it rains. That’s precisely how we figure out ancient relics – Nothing happens at those sites for decades and centuries”

On further elaborating the benefits of the new acquisition, he said ” This move of us will immediately clear up the traffic jams at many junctions where Metro exists. Also it will guide current day Civil Engineers on how not to build a metro rail”

The Metro in B'lore used as a means of transport by ancient man
The Metro in B’lore – used as a means of transport by ancient man

If the idea goes through, The Metro Museum will be the biggest and the only museum which sprawls across such a wide area. When asked about how can he be so oblivious to the fact that one phase of the metro between MG Road – Bayyappanahalli is already operational, the head gave a cool and composed reply “We are very well aware of that. We are gonna use it to ferry our customers across the Metro Museum and also, owing to it super low speed of 20 kmph, people can also enjoy the horrible traffic jams scenic view of Bangalore”

Bangalore Metro Officials seemed to have been irked by this audacious move of the Archaeological Dept. “How dare they ignore our presence? You know the amount of blood and sweat that we are putting in? There are tons of people working on it day in and day out! On weekends, the number is even higher. Sometimes it goes up to 5 men working together for hours together” the officials defended.


8 thoughts on “Archaeological Dept plans to turn Bangalore Metro into Historical Museum

  1. he heh… I am really doubtful that we will ever travel on those new metro trails.. 😦
    Good one.. 🙂 Keep writing like that 🙂

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