Modi has grown big but not bigger than Godzilla, claims Chidambaram

New Delhi: After a recent Google Survey highlighted the growing stature of Narendra Modi among the Indian youth, Finance Minister P Chidambaram conceded that Modi has indeed grown big but nevertheless is not bigger than the Godzilla. “See, with the gigantic mess we’ve created at the Center, you need someone of dinosaur proportions to clean up.  Modi is nowhere near that”. Mr. Chidambaram, who’s credited for propelling the Indian Rupee to dizzying heights single-handedly, was again defensive when presented with the fact that Narendra Modi had just completed 12 straight years in office as Gujarat CM – “Whats the big deal in that? Our PM Manmohan Singh has remained absolutely silent for 10 straight years! So much so, that in meetings meant to chalk out new policies, we don’t even realize that he’s there! Can Modi do this?”

Chidambaram went on to add that the hype surrounding Modi is largely media created. When our correspondent was reluctant to accept this theory, as its a well known fact that the mainstream Indian media churns out “paid-news” in favor of the ruling party, Mr. Chidambaram, surprisingly,  seemed to agree with us on certain counts- “Absolutely! We paid them till now and they wrote for us.  But currently we don’t have money to feed them thanks to totally corrupt and vote-bank brilliant initiatives by Madam ji, like the Food Bill etc.” On why the Congress keeps going back to 2002 when Supreme Court itself has given a clean chit to Modi, PC seemed amused ” You people are very funny. Where else should we go back? You want us to go back to 1984? Ha ha… Ha ha!”

Godzilla, visibly upset by PC's remarks , seems to be hunting for him.
Godzilla, visibly upset by PC’s remarks , seems to be hunting for him.

In the same interview, PC also endorsed Rahul Gandhi, the oldest youth icon of India, to be the next PM of India.  When countered with millions of tweets mocking Rahul Gandhi as “Pappu”, the South Indian political stalwart came up with a mind numbing boggling relationship between the term “Pappu” and Rahul Gandhi “See, as a true South Indian, let me explain you this. “Pappu” is a delicious dish in states like Andhra. What is it made of? Tur Dal. Who grows these Tur Dal? A farmer! So people are indirectly hinting that Rahul Gandhi represents the hard-working farmer and that he is a symbol of pride for the rural masses.  In fact, by calling him “Pappu”, people are exalting him as their Anna daata”

Our reporter, who literally fainted listening to PC’s explanation, regained his senses and dared PC to come up with a single reason as to why Rahul Gandhi makes a better PM than Modi. PC instantly went into a deep meditative trance for almost 10 minutes and later shrugged “You continue with your interview. I’ll tell you if something pops up in my head! But I still believe Rahul Gandhi can become the next PM!” Our pestering reporter goaded PC yet again to substantiate his belief and this time he angrily shot back “Blind Belief!! OK?!”

Frightened by PC’s aggressive demeanor, our reported hastened up the interview but just before the Vote of thanks, PC jumped up with joy and found his eureka moment “I got it! I got it!” he screamed “Rahul has ‘Gandhi’ as his last name and Modi doesn’t!! Now tell me, wont Rahul Gandhi pip Modi??”


8 thoughts on “Modi has grown big but not bigger than Godzilla, claims Chidambaram

  1. “oldest youth icon of India” from where do you come up with such things!
    And relating pappu to farmer awesome 😀
    Keep writing more and more 🙂

  2. Brilliant Pavan :). Your logic is undeniable. Pappu as “Farmer” :P. I will not be surprised if the khangress uses your logic to promote Rahul!!!

  3. My sincere advise to Pappu Rahul Gandhia,member of Drama Baaz family,(for whom politics is a
    business)to resign,get married,have children an d sett le dow n in Italy withSonia.And also take
    with you those Diggis,zero Sibal and not forgetting that big mouth Manish Tiwari(I believe he is
    N.D.Tiwari’s nephew.Do I need to say anything about Rang Rasia NDT).India would be a peaceful
    peaceful place in their absence.

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