How the Buddha attained Enlightenment via Mathematical Induction

Life is Suffering ~ The Buddha’s Enlightened State

Philosophers of all ages have wondered and pondered as to how The Buddha attained Enlightenment. I think I’ve finally found the way he did it – Mathematical Induction!

Buddha proved Enlightenment in three simple inductive steps. Before analyzing the steps, lets put Buddha’s enlightened state into mathematical terms

L(n) = c * S(n) —————————— (1)


L(n)       is Life on any day ‘n’ after you are born

c             is a constant

S(n)      is the suffering you experience on any day ‘n’ after you are born

So, expanding the above equation in words results in ‘Life is constant suffering”


1. Base Case, n = 0, the day you were born

Base case is very easy to prove. We all suffer on the day we are born, evidenced by the child crying relentlessly as soon as it is out of the womb.

Hence S(0) = 1, meaning L(n) is true for n=0, the base case.

2. Inductive Hypothesis

The Buddha assumed some day ‘k’ in his life, incidentally, the day he saw an old man suffering greatly from disease. Looking at the old man’s misery the Buddha suffered. So we can safely assume that L(k) is true. Now, to prove L(n) for all ‘n’, all we need to prove is that L(k+1) is also true

3.  Inductive Step

Incidentally, the Buddha saw a decaying corpse, the very next day after seeing the suffering old man. i.e on day n = k+1. Seeing the dead corpse (Oops), the Buddha realized the futility of life and suffered from the realization. So,  Buddha proved L(k+1) also to be true.

And hence, finally he had proved by induction, that L(n) holds good for all n ( days of your life ).

By proving “Life is (constant) Suffering” the Buddha became The Buddha


One thought on “How the Buddha attained Enlightenment via Mathematical Induction

  1. Could not attach a image I wanted to put here. So attaching the image to my blog and sharing the link here.

    This concept I have attached here in my blog was given by one of my Prof in IIM-B. According to him, Buddha is not a person. Buddha is a journey. Anyone and everyone of us can become the Buddha. This is a cyclical process and repeats itself. See if the image makes any sense.

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