The region controller does not know whether any boot images have been imported yet-Ubuntu MAAS error solution

After setting up the web interface for Ubuntu MAAS, I tried importing boot images into the cluster through the GUI. And the below message popped up and never went away-

The region controller does not know whether any boot images have been imported yet. If this message does not disappear in 5 minutes, there may be a communication problem between the region worker process and the region controller.   Check the region worker’s logs for signs that it was unable to report to the MAAS API.

Let alone 5 minutes, the message stayed there for whole 2 days and prevented me from adding any new nodes into the cluster. I tried importing the boot images from the command line. No luck. I clicked the ‘Import Boot Images’ from the GUI multiple times. No luck. Rebooted the machine. No luck. Finally while browsing through potential solutions, it somehow clicked me that I may be pointing my cluster controller to the wrong address and bingo that was the reason. When we configure the address by running

sudo dpkg-reconfigure maas-cluster-controller

it prompts for an IP. I had entered 10.XX.XX.XXX. But the solution was to enter http://10.XX.XX.XXX/MAAS ( MAAS in caps). As soon as I did this and refreshed the web interface, the annoying message was gone and the web GUI was now able to detect all the 12 downloaded boot images.

Note: This error might happen for numerous reasons. I found a solution for particular problem. If this doesn’t help resolve your problem, then sorry folks, I cant help you as I myself am a newbie into this.


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