Solution to “mount.nfs: Protocol family not supported” error

At first, the above error seems very cryptic. But the error is indeed what the error message says! You are trying to mount a directory on another system that does not support the protocol that the system you are running the mount command on supports. To figure out more details, run with verbose option enabled

mount -v X.YY.ZZ.AAA:/pavan /mnt/pavan

Now, it spits out what it was trying to do. One of the verbose messages is as shown-

mount.nfs: trying text-based options ‘vers=4,addr=’

As you can see, my machine is trying to contact the remote machine with NFS version 4, which the remote machine simply doesn’t understand. So we need to change the version to a lower one that the remote machine can comprehend. You can try one of the two –

mount -o vers=3 X.YY.ZZ.AAA:/pavan /mnt/pavan

mount -o nfsvers=3 X.YY.ZZ.AAA:/pavan /mnt/pavan


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