About Me

Version 1, circa October 2008

Hi, its me pavan. People say I am very funny. But sometimes, seeing people laugh like hell, I wonder whether I am funny or I am looking funny. I am an Embedded Systems Engineer at Analog Devices by profession but I feel I can easily fit into the ranks of a comedian actor in Sandalwood. I’m a typical Mysorean currently working in Hyderabad. But I travel back to Mysore so often that the Railways have declared me as their “most esteemed customer” and allotted me a monthly pass!

Warning: The above description is as much out-dated as the steam engine is! Any reliance on the above version can lead to unknown consequences. A patch would be released soon to the above unstable version!

Version 2, circa October 2010

A person searching for the meaning of life! A person caught in the clutches of the society! A person wanting to come out into the open and wild!  A person striving to hard to make a difference! OK! OK! Too much philosophy 🙂 In simple words I’m a humorist trying to make people laugh as much as possible. Currently I’m a “one among a million” SW engineers of India, though I’m trying my best to throw away this title!

You can see mine and my team “mugulnage” ‘s work here and also here. Do share it with your friends if you like them!

Thanks for visiting my house on the web 🙂

Version 3, circa July 14th 2015

I am a computer science grad student studying at Stony Brook University, NY. What?! Whats happened to me! The last two edits to “About Me” are so alien to my current “About Me”. But I love the fact that my life is changing so fast, so often.

Version 3.1, circa September 5th 2015

Thanks to an amazing piece of software called WaybackMachine hosted by archive.org, I was able to retrieve my oldest “About Me”. Shame on me ( and wordpress ) for not maintaining a source versioning system for my blogs. By the way, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry looking at my old “me”s.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ha ha ha ha ha.. Really ‘You and your description about yourself’ both are funny lo.. Nice..
    Nice effort to maintain ur own website.. I m working on mine too..
    Keep Rocking Dude!!

    Pavan MK
    Ur classmate and frnd from SJCE E&C.. (Just in case if you have forgotten).. 🙂

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